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Tibi is well known in Fairfield County, CT as a very motivating song leader and dance instructor for the Jewish community. Tibi has been playing his guitar, singing Israeli songs and teaching Israeli folk dances to children of all ages. Hebrew through Music and Israeli culture has been his specialty for many years. Tibi teaches at Hebrew schools and Jewish Community Centers in CT and NY. He travels the world teaching Israeli Folk Dancing and Israeli Music and he is, also, creating some educational films of the same subjects.

After a successful dancing career in Israel, Tibi came to the USA in 1981 to continue his education in choreography and theatre production. Returning to his technical roots, Tibi developed his skills in film/video editing. He designed and built several editing suites, among them, the first "Russian Television Network" (RTN) in the USA. Tibi has edited numerous award winning films including The EMMY award winner 'Public Service Announcement' "It's Up to YOU" in 1995. Today Tibi is a Vice President and Director of Technology at the "Hartley Film Foundation" in Westport, CT where he works on creating films to better the world. For the none for profit organisation, "Rabbi Rock" Tibi is the Creative Director and VP. He is also Multi-Media Producer for "Chromate Industrial Corporation" from Bohemia, NY and has a freelance Multi-Media Production business in Trumbull, CT. Tibi continues to teach dance and Israeli music to children at local schools in Fairfield County, CT and in his free time you may find him dancing around the world.

If you need a multimedia presentation designed and executed from concept to the actual presentation, the best solution will be using Tibi's services.
Tibi is a talented artist, he is an experienced video producer as well as an A/V technician. Tibi has developed intricate sales and training CD-ROMs and DVDs for corporate and educational use. Tibi is also a gifted teacher. He teaches Hebrew and Israeli culture through music, dance and art. Tibi choreographs and leads Israeli folk dancing sessions around the world.

As if this isn't enough. Tibi has currently writing a book about Israel from a point of view of a child. the book is titled "Chicken Without a Head" it is full with humoristic educational and entertaining short stories. Taste of this book could be found on his blog "Book & Cook".

This web site was created by Tibi.

Learn to sing the prayers

Sing With Tibi

Tibi has been teaching Israeli music to children of all ages at synagogues and Jewish Centers for more then 20 years. He has developed a special style of teaching that brings out a feeling of happiness and joy in his students, as well as the love for Israeli music.

Tibi is available for special classes and workshops as well as part time teaching positions. 

Tibi in the paper
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To book Tibi for a workshop or an event please click here or directly at Tel:(203) 261-1817

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story Telling

Holiday,and Bible Stories Or Stories by Tibi

Animated and interactive story telling

Kids of all ages love listening to Tibi tell stories. whether they are his stories or writtne by others. Tibi bring the story to life with humor and finness.

click here to watch Tibi tell the Purim Story

To contact Tibi for an unforgetable event please click here or call directly Tel:(203) 261-1817

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Dance with tibi

Israeli and Jewish Music, Dance, and Culture

For any Jewish or Israeli ocasion

Tibi is multitalented, spiritual, and a devoted teacher. He gives it all: No matter how big or small the group is, Tibi will make sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face and something new they have learned. His enthusiasm is full of life and excitement. He knows how to pass to all the love and longing for Israeli music and Israeli folk dance. Tibi has been teaching Israeli music for more than twenty five years on Long Island and Westchester, NY, as well as in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Children of all ages love his energy and his big smile that hardly leaves his face while he plays his guitar and sings. Tibi gives everyone the urge to dance when he leads a folk dance group. He leads Bar Mitzvah and wedding parties with the "Hora" or circle and line dances. Want to learn partner dances? Tibi is the answer. He is patient and at the same time makes it so easy to learn that it takes no time to get it right into your feet. Tibi is available for parties to lead singing and dancing. He is also able to accommodate schools for part time teaching or special events.

Tibi started to dance as a child. Later on in life Tibi danced with the world famous "Inbal Dance Theatre" as well as formed his own dance company in Netanya, Israel. In the US he continued his dancing career and education in SUNY at Purchase, NY. He Still teaches Children at Hebrew schools and leads dance sessions in Fairfield county, CT. Tibi Choreographs Dances with Israeli flair and a sense of fun. He choreographed for some operas as well as for festivals and school's special events.

There is nothing better then having all your guests dancing and singing happily at your party. Tibi is a bundle of energy and "Ru'ach"- high spirits. When Tibi leads Israeli folk dancing everyone will be either dancing or singing along. Tibi makes the session easy to follow even for people who never danced before. Thirty minutes of the party time with Tibi and it will be the most memorable part of the party.

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roah hashanah service at the tibis'

A unique Tunisian "Seder" for Rosh HaShanah

Recepies and special blessings

Tibi runs a special service for "Rosh HaShanah" the Jewish new year. He cooks and runs the service at his house every year with his closest friends.

Click here to see the Rosh HaShanah Seder

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